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On the threshold of a new age
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As a global freight forwarder and logistics specialist, Seum Logistics Co., Ltd. offers its clients fully integrated national and international transportation services.

Well known for its prefessionalism and integrity, SEUM has achieved a remarkable and well deserved reputation since 2011. Our business and role as employees of SEUM are to deliver an extrodinary service by exceeding every expectation of first class service.

SEUM currently enjoys an excellent reputation, which is largely due to the unique management philosophy and outstanding customer service. Our success depends upon our knowledge and delivery of quality service.

Ensuring client satisfaction requires empowering our employees and utilizing quality management principles that improve performance and profitality.

It will be challenges to continuously look for ways for better service to clients as always.


Tel : +82 2 538 6888
Fax : +82 2 538 6877
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01 HyoRyeong Bldg, 956-11 Daechi dong, Gang nam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-280  TEL 02.538.6888  FAX 02.538.6877